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 1. The Driver / Participant agrees that the driving of go-karts is inherently dangerous and may lead to either death or permanent paralysis of varying degrees or severe other injuries. The participant voluntarily agrees to accept all risks and danger prior to, during and subsequent to the driving of go-karts including damage, injury or death caused by other drivers / circumstances. The management that is - NS Motorsports LLP / RR Motorsports Management Pvt. Ltd. / RR Motor sports Management / IndiKarting / Ajmera I Land / Ajmera Reality and Infrastructure Ltd. / is in no way responsible in case of any such eventuality and will not bear any expenses and / or compensation in such an eventuality.

2. The Driver / Participant and their guests, agree to use the management's services and facilities or occupy the premises and any part of it at their own risk and release in all respects, management, all their staff, subcontractors, etc from all liabilities whatsoever arising (including but not limited to any negligence or breach of control) resulting from any accident, loss, damage or injury to the driver / participant or his or her staff and / or friends and / or family and / or colleagues and/ or invitees. 

3. The driver / participant also understands & accepts that the service providers do not guarantee that any service will be provided with any particular degree of care and ski!l or that goods and materials provided by any of them in connection with those services will be of any particular quality or fitness for purpose. 


4. The Driver/ Participant (or their guardian) accepts responsibility and will immediately pay for all deliberate damage and / or non-deliberate damage, caused to the Go Karts and / or equipment on the premises. Tickets once sold will not be refunded or transferred.

5. Driver / Participant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations established by the management from time to time, regarding the use of the facilities. The Driver / Participant agrees that the management may for any reason, require the driver / participant to leave the premises. Rights of admission are reserved and the management reserves the right to deny any services to any person at their discretion without any refund.

6. The Driver / Participant grants permission to the management and their agents to utilize his/her image or likeness incidental to any photographic record live or recorded video displayer or any other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part, in anyway the management sees fit. Participant grants the management permission to send them info / offers pertaining to karting / the facility only. A participant will get this irrespective of any subscription to any DND service. After receiving the first message / email, the participant will be given a choice to unsubscribe from the list. At no point will customer info be given / sold to a third party. If a participant does not wish to receive such info from the management, kindly cancel this point at the time of filling the form. 


7. The Driver / Participant with any pre-existing health conditions, including, any physical limitations or medical conditions. including but not limited to - pregnancy, neck weakness, back weakness / problems, recent surgery. broken bones, heart conditions, nervous disorders. motion sickness and epilepsy are strictly not allowed to kart. Driving under such circumstances and / or with such conditions can lead to loss of control and / or further worsening of their medical conditions and / or miscarriage and / or death and / or severe injury to self and / or others. The onus remains completely with the participant / driver / guardian (for those under 18) to refrain from karting. Driving under any type of intoxication or consumption of drugs are strictly not allowed.


8. The Participant by filling out this form indemnifies the management and agrees to keep the management always indemnified in respect of all losses, injuries, permanent disabilities, damage, consequent loss and damage claimed by any person against all and any type of expenses and / or medical expenses and / or legal fees or consultants fees which the management may suffer or incur and all money which the management may become liable to pay any person in respect of or arising directly or indirectly out of any act, default or omission on the part of the participant or their employees, servant, agents, invitees, the management, their employees, consultants etc


9. A pre—condition to purchase of any tickets, is the acceptance to following all rules & regulations prescribed by the management. All safety regulations need to be compulsorily followed. Wearing of a properly strapped helmet compulsory, irrespective of any religious compulsions. Persons with long hair must ensure that their hair is properly secured within their clothing & has no chance of coming loose. Loose clothing like dupattas, saris, burkhas, shawls, long ribbons, etc are strictly not allowed while karting, for safety reasons. Long hair & loose clothing can get caught in the moving parts of the go—kart which can result in death / breaking of neck / breaking of other bones / paralysis / decapitation / decalping of the face / head, etc. It is the duty of the participant to ensure that long hair / loose clothing does not get caught in the kart's parts. 

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