Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Ajmera IndiKarting located?

Ajmera IndiKarting is located at Wadala. To find the best route CLICK HERE.

Nearby railway stations?

GTB Nagar, Wadala, Kurla.

Nearest mono rail station?

Bhakti park.

Where can i park my car at the Track?

We have parking at our facility.

Track / Karts

What is the length of the track?

The length of our current track layout is 350 meters.

How fast does the karts go?

Our Karts can reach up to a top speed of 55 kmph.

Can I drive my Car/Bike at the Track?

Yes you can.
Note: You are required to bring your own safety gear if you want to ride your motorcycle on our track. For more information, Contact : 088797 55701

Can we buy our own kart ?

Yes, our track staff can help you with the information regarding buying your own kart.For more information, Contact : 088797 55701

Are the karts at Ajmera Indikarting petrol powered or electric?

All of the go-karts are 4 Stroke petrol powered Karts.

Cloathing / Safety Gear

What clothing should I wear to Ajmera Indikarting?

All drivers must wear full length pants, thirst/top and closed-toe shoes. Sandals or any other open-toe shoes are not permitted on track and you will not be able to race. Loose-flowing garments such as dresses, sarees, burkha etc should not be worn.

What safety gear do i need to drive a Car / Bike at the Track ?

For cars, helmet is compulsory for driver and passenger & for bikes, helmet, jacket and knee guard is compulsory.

What safety gear is provided at the track ?

For each session we provide sanitised helmets, and an arm guard.
Additionally you can also purchase your own helmet, balaclava and gloves at our venue.

Can we bring our own safety gear ?

Yes you can bring your own safety gear. Note: You are required to bring your own safety gear if you want to ride your motorcycle on our track.

Is karting safe ?

While Motorsports has its inherent risks, Ajmera Indikarting takes every measure possible to ensure all customers enjoy an authentic racing experience in a safe environment. All go-karts are routinely checked and serviced.
Prior to each race, every driver is given a safety briefing that goes over track safety, rules, flag and sign meanings, and kart operation. In addition, everyone karting is required to wear an helmet with a full-face cover and equipped with a visor.

Can we drive without a helmet ?

No you cannot drive without adequate safety gear.

Basic Requirements

How old do you have to be to do karting at Ajmera Indikarting?

There is no age requirement for karting at Ajmera Indikarting just a minimum height requirement of at least 48 inches.

Do you need a Driver’s License for karting at Ajmera Indikarting?

No, you do not need a driver’s license fo karting at Ajmera Indikarting.

Do you need to make  a reservation for karting?

A reservation is not mandatory for karting. Karting sessions can be bought at the track on a first-come, first-served basis. However, we recommend booking your karting sessions in advance to minimise your wait time at the track. CLICK HERE to book your session now!!

Do you need experience for karting at Ajmera Indikarting?

No prior experience is required for karting at Ajmera Indikarting. All drivers will be briefed on track safety, rules, flag/sign meanings, and kart operation prior to their session.

For Kids Under 18

Can my child do karting at Ajmera Indikarting without an adult present?

All drivers under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian with them and the parent/guardian will need to sign our indemnity form prior to them karting at Ajmera Indikarting.

Can a child ride with an adult at Ajmera Indikarting if they do not meet the minimum height requirement?



Can we host birthday parties or any kind of celebration ?

Yes. Contact : +91 88797 55702

Do you organise races?

Yes. Once every month. For more details contact - +91 70306 70606

How long is the wait at Ajmera Indikarting?

Wait times can vary considerably based on time, day, and other factors. Wait time is typically lesser on weekdays as compared to the weekend. Get in touch with our track manager for an estimate on the current wait time - 088797 55701

Can I bring my GoPro with me to Ajmera Indikarting?

Yes. GoPro cameras are allowed, but with certain conditions.
You cannot use a GoPro camera attached to a helmet mount while karting with others, the helmet mounted camera is allowed if the person is karting alone.
A camera mounted using a GoPro chest mount can be used while karting with others.
Read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Is go-karting like bumper cars?

Karting is NOT like bumper cars. Our go-karts are much quicker, more responsive! That’s why we discourage any sort of contact with our karts out on the track. If we find someone intentionally bumping, they may be disqualified from the session. Any damage caused to the karts is chargeable. Read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Do you all teach how to race?

Yes we do, training programs are conducted by Rayo Racing at our track.
For more information CLICK HERE
For more details contact - +91 70306 70606